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Kijafa Frink is Michael Vick's Fiancee (Kijafa Frink)

Kijafa Frink

Kijafa Frink is the fiancée professional football player Michael Vick. She and Vick have two daughters, Jada and London, the youngest born in October 2007.
Kijafa Frink was present as Vick was released from prison to home imprisonment on May 20, 2009. Vick served time for working a dog fighting ring. The couple purportedly went to a near hotel after the discharge and was follow by a individual film team and security.

Question and answer session with michael & Kijafa Frink

What made you want to do a reality show? Was it difficult?
Michael: No, it wasn’t hard to do. When I was in prison we talked about documenting everything coming out of prison, so we kind of had fun with it and just recorded everything in our day-to-day life.

I’m surprised because Mike’s real quiet. That’s what people always say, but are you really like that? Kijafa, you can answer.
Kijafa Frink: Yeah, he’s a very quiet person around people that he don’t know, but when he’s home, he likes to laugh and joke and play.
Michael: It depends on who I’m around. It takes a while for me to get accustomed to certain people because of my level of trust. And that’s dated back to when I was younger.

Were you good in school?
Michael: I was pretty disruptive in class. I really didn’t focus.
Kijafa Frink: He was a bad boy.
Michael: I didn’t put forward my best effort.
Kijafa Frink: Tell her ’bout the time your mom said you glued your eyes shut.

Why did you do that?
Michael: Just being inquisitive. I had seen my mom using Visine. [all laugh] I thought the tube of glue was Visine, so I seeing what she was doing, I put some in my eyes. It was super glue.

Did they have to take you to the hospital?
Michael: No. I had a patch over my eye for a week. And then they—then my aunt cut it. It was all glued up. She cut my eyelash off, then it opened up after that.
Kijafa Frink: I love hearing that story.

session end

Kijafa Frink little Biography
Kijafa Frink has two kids with her football playing. The daughter’s names are London and Jada, and the youngest was born in October, 2007. Kijafa Frink was born in 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kijafa Frink

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